Our team, our values

We embrace diversity

We value differences. We create space for a diversity of voices and experiences.

We are real 

We are deeply grounded in the reality of a complex justice space. We move realities.

We are entrepreneurial

We think outside of the box. We seek to understand problems and turn them into opportunities. We focus on delivering results with sustainable funding models.

We are people-centred

We put people at the centre of everything we do, we try to better understand them. We make connections between those who can bring relief to their unmet justice needs. 

Next to our values, we strongly identify with and behave according to the standards of our Code of Conduct. If all of this sounds like something you would appreciate, join our international and dynamic team!

Our Team

Prof.Dr. Maurits Barendrecht

Programme Director NL

Britt van der Donk

Programme Director MNB

Dr. Martin Gramatikov

Programme Director KUCS

Ronald Lenz

Programme Director MENA

Mascha Matthews

Director Partnership Development

Theresa Smout

Programme Director ENU

Maryam Abba

Justice Transformation Operations Officer, Nigeria

Bedreddine Abidi

Venture coach and analyst

Siham Aboulmachail

Staffing & Recruitment Advisor

Deyana Abououbeid

Justice Accelerator Programme Manager

Kelechi Achinonu

Justice Accelerator Operations Officer, West Africa

Amira Akacha

Project Manager

Khaled Aldroubi

IT Coordinator

Salam Al – Nukta

Justice Innovation Project Officer

Hasan Aloul

Communications Content Specialist

Rachael Ampaire Mishambi-Wamahe

Programme Manager, Uganda

Marcos de Barros

Project Manager

Krijn van Beek

Senior Justice Sector Advisor

Tim van den Bergh

Justice Sector Advisor

Silvana Betro

Executive Assistant

Katia Borghesi

Executive Assistant

Giuliano Borter

Junior Partnership Developer

Dr. Jelmer Brouwer

Data Analysis & Reporting Officer

Viviana Brun

Program Manager JIL

Razane Boustany

Project Manager

Johan van den Brink

AFAS Specialist

Anne Colenbrander

Partnership Developer

Fionuala Cregan

Advocacy & Campaign Specialist

Emilie Dajer

Justice sector advisor Sahel

Marla Diaz Arias

Administrative Coordinator

Simón Díaz Pérez

Survey Researcher

Aminatou Daouda

Country Manager Niger

Linda van Delft

Staffing & Recruitment Advisor

Emmy Dexel

Senior Communications & PR Manager

Marie Duprez

Senior Programme Manager -Sahel

Evelien Evenhuis

Justice Sector Advisor

Asma Ezzine

Project Officer Justice Accelerator

Moussa Fofana

Senior Consultant Sahel

Lilian Keene

Justice Transformation Consultant

Sanaz Jahanshahi

Project Manager

Rupinder Kaur

Quantitative Data Analyst

Bahar Kavala

Project Manager

Roger El Khoury

Senior Justice Sector Advisor, HiiL Representative in the MENA Region

Armi Dunder

Justice Sector Advisor

Paulina Kozlowska

Visual Communications Designer

Nigel Lalman

HR Officer

Zainab Malik

Program Manager Innovation Labs

Nicoletta Marone Cinzano

Junior Project Manager

Karim Matemu

Best Practices Project Officer

Raja Mazeh

Country Manager - Tunis

Collins Mugadya

Programme Associate Uganda

Muthoni Muriithi

Fundraising & Partnership Developer

Edith Nakiyaga

Project Officer Uganda

Robert Ogbogu Ndukwe

Project Officer - Justice Innovation

Manasi Nikam

Knowledge Management Officer

Dr. Rodrigo Nunez

Senior Justice Sector Advisor

Ijeoma A. Nwafor

Justice Transformation Country Representative, Nigeria

Romina Olmezian

Office Assistant

Sarah (Tope) Olofin

Project Officer JA West Africa

Samuel Orji

Scale Up Advisor

Guillermo Otalora

Service Provider

Abdel Ouedraogo

Project Officer Burkina Faso

Adem Ouni

Communications and Operations Officer

Gabby Rialland

Digital Communications Officer

Mansoor Seyd

Finance & Accounting Officer

Mary Sherif

Justice Accelerator Project Officer

Sana Shili

Project Officer - Tunis

Amy Sinclair

MEL Manager

Mariama Halidou Soumaila

Response des Finances et de l’Administration, Niger

Cedric Tapsoba

Project Officer

Rachel Taylor

Justice Sector Advisor

Thouraya Tijani

Senior Political Advisor

Razak Yekini Fataou Tiyamiou

Chargé de Communication et Assistant Administratif, Niger

Wafa Tourniaire

Financial Controller

Sacha van Ulft

Finance & Control Manager

Dr. Suzan Verberk

Justice Transformation Lead, Netherlands

Tim Verheij

Justice Sector Advisor

Nada Zaafrane

Project Officer

Innovation Hub East Africa

Eric Mwangi Kariuki

-Justice Accelerator Head, Kenya