Shekhar Pula


Growing up in a developing country, I observed first-hand how the justice systems don’t function adequately for the common person. This causes unnecessary suffering and complications for vulnerable people, including those that I have known personally. The rule of law and recourse to justice are at the core of guaranteeing safety, freedom and dignity of human beings. I continue to observe the gaps in access to and quality of justice in different countries. It must not be this way. There are promising initiatives that require further support, scaling and embedding in local settings. It motivates me to help HiiL be an essential catalyst and partner, with the full understanding that it is the concerted effort of multiple stakeholders that create change.

Shekhar Pula joins HiiL as Chief Operating Officer. His appointment further strengthens HiiL’s operations in line with our country-based strategy to innovate and implement user-friendly justice worldwide. Shekhar has an extensive career in the corporate and philanthropic sectors. His hands-on experience in international operations brings valuable expertise to help co-lead HiiL’s growth and to help HiiL achieve more impact in the countries where we work.

Prior to joining HiiL, Shekhar led the Resources departments at Médecins Sans Frontières where he also served as an Executive Board member. His career covers more than 15 years of experience managing in complex and international environments. Shekhar has led and implemented company-wide transformation programmes, involving people, processes and systems, in the areas of IT, Procurement, Global Supply Chain, Project Management and Shared Services. Coaching, consulting and fostering a learning environment form part of his approach. People describe Shekhar as a purposeful and committed leader with high integrity. Shekhar has lived and worked in six countries, and speaks several languages, including English, Dutch and French fluently.

When not at work, Shekhar spends time walking and doing sports. He enjoys travelling to India, England and France on a regular basis. He occasionally practices calligraphy, and planting trees. He also follows current affairs and public lectures in his free time.

Contact info
+31 70 762 0700