Justice Accelerator

To close the Justice Gap, we need to do more than improve the current justice system. We need to innovate and bring new services to scale that can prevent or resolve justice problems for everybody. Startups are a key driver in this transformation of the justice sector. They can come up with break-through solutions that large businesses or institutions often can’t.

That’s why we run multiple programmes to support startups at different stages of their journey. We are the only startup support programme and innovation ecosystem builder entirely dedicated to access to people-centred justice. 

Our flagship programmes are:


Our Ideation programme is dedicated for aspiring entrepreneurs, techies, and justice practitioners. The programme is built to inspire and equip the participants with the tools they need to come up with innovative, breakthrough solutions to solve pressing justice issues and facilitate people-centred justice. The programme is implemented across our innovation hubs in Kenya, Tunisia and Nigeria. Our ideation programmes are built to inspire entrepreneurs and equip them with the tools they need to come up with an innovative solution and build it.

  • For our programmes in Kenya and East Africa, see here 
  • For our programmes in Tunisia and the Middle East and North Africa, see here 
  • For our programmes in Nigeria, see here


Our incubation programme is designed to nurture and support early-stage startups operating at the intersection of justice and technology. It provides a supportive environment for justice-tech startups to develop and refine their innovative solutions aimed at addressing various legal and justice-related challenges. The programme is implemented across our innovation hubs in Kenya, Tunisia and Nigeria.

  • For our programmes in Kenya and East Africa, see here 
  • For our programmes in Tunisia and the Middle East and North Africa, see here 
  • For our programmes in Nigeria, see here


The acceleration programme is created for startups who have a product in the market that already gains traction, and want to grow as fast as possible. It brings together a cohort of startups from different countries in Africa and the Middle East for an intense 4-months programme that includes workshops, coaching, mentorship and grant funding. The programme is hybrid and is concluded with a Demo Day and recognition of the winners of the Innovating Justice Award.

Applications are currently closed.


This programme is tailor-made for startups poised to scale new heights. The programme includes guided sprints and coaching on strategic growth and leadership. We implement the programme together with our partner, Growth Africa. Startups are added on a rolling basis, rather than the typical cohort approach. Startups are handpicked through a rigorous selection and interview process, ensuring only the best make the cut. This injects a vibrant energy and a laser focus on customising the program to match each startup's unique needs.

Innovating Justice Fund

We also have an investment fund, called Innovating Justice Fund that invests in seed stage startups in order to exponentiate their growth and impact. The fund provides growth capital as well as technical assistance. The fund is managed by Fount.

What makes our startup programmes special?

Focus on Justice Innovation:

The HiiL Justice Accelerator is the only startup programme that specifically targets innovations and startups that address justice-related challenges. It supports ventures that leverage technology, social entrepreneurship, and innovation to improve access to justice, promote legal empowerment, and enhance the efficiency of legal systems.

Data is the Foundation: 

At the Justice Accelerator, our work is built upon the foundation of data. HiiL’s data research enables us to identify the most urgent justice problems in various countries. HiiL’s data-driven approach not only helps us prioritise these challenges effectively, but it also equips entrepreneurs with crucial data to validate and scale their solutions.

Global scale:

Reaching startups and entrepreneurs from various regions and jurisdictions in Africa and the Middle East. This global reach allows it to identify and support startups from diverse cultural, legal, and social contexts, ensuring a broad range of perspectives and solutions to justice challenges.

Holistic Support:

The HiiL Justice Accelerator goes beyond financial support by providing comprehensive assistance and resources to the selected startups. This includes tailored mentorship, coaching, and training programs to help entrepreneurs develop their ideas, refine their business models, and scale their solutions effectively. The accelerator also offers access to a network of legal and justice sector experts, investors, and potential partners, enabling startups to receive guidance and support from experienced professionals.

Funding Opportunities:

The HiiL Justice Accelerator provides startups with access to funding opportunities, including seed investments, grants, and impact capital. By connecting startups with potential investors and facilitating pitch events, the accelerator helps entrepreneurs secure the necessary financial resources to grow and implement their justice innovations. This financial support is vital for early-stage startups that often struggle to access funding in the justice sector.

Contact person

Deyana Abououbeid

Justice Accelerator Programme Manager