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Annual reports

For more information about our results, partners, organisation and our financial details you are invited to download our annual reports which include accounts information each year.

HiiL Strategy 2022-2024

Developing and implementing people-centred justice lies at the heart of HiiL’s global mission. This “people first” approach, with its five elements – gathering data, promoting best practices, scaling innovations, creating an enabling environment, and strengthening the network – is HiiL’s way to achieve this. With a focus on genuine and sustained transformation in justice systems, we are committed to realising ‘turning points’ in programme countries.

At the time of writing, our focus countries are Uganda, Tunisia, Nigeria, Niger, Ethiopia, and the Netherlands. We will continue to develop our methods, in particular around innovation labs and stakeholder dialogues. We will work hard to engage more funding partners for larger, multi-year programmes and for the critical research and innovation work that needs to be done.

Lastly, we will further develop and improve our strategic engagement, strengthen our partnerships and tailor our communications.

HiiL Strategy 2020-2021