Nigeria is moving towards people-centred justice in important ways. This is especially true for justice sector professionals and political leaders working together in three states: Imo, Ogun and Kaduna.

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Justice Needs and Satisfaction studies completed


Justice Transformation Labs


Civil Justice transformation lab


Justice Innovators supported in Nigeria

With a focus on transformation, each state launched its own strategy for realising people-centred justice. Efforts underway are based on data collected in 2018. In 2022, HiiL conducted a second Justice Needs & Satisfaction study of 6,500 individuals. 

The data shows that 81% of Nigerians experience at least one legal problem in the past year, with many facing multiple problems. The most common problems include disputes with neighbours, domestic violence, land conflicts, crime, and housing problems.

The 2023 JNS Report report is an essential tool for understanding the needs of people in Nigeria, identifying areas that require improvement, and monitoring the progress of various justice initiatives currently underway.


Moving towards people-centred justice requires collective action. In Nigeria, the data is clear. People and businesses are asking justice systems to do better. Now public officials, local representatives, justice providers, and innovators must act to ensure people can move forward in their daily lives. By harnessing the data to inform legal reforms and apply evidence-based best practices, the justice sectors in each state — and across Nigeria as a whole — can realise locally-owned strategies that produce a more user-friendly justice system. The results will have immense social and economic benefits for all.

Request for Proposal: Implementation Specialist, Ogun State, Nigeria

HiiL seeks an Implementation Specialist in Nigeria to work on improving and promoting evidence-based working methods in the justice sector in Ogun State, Nigeria. The successful candidate will develop approaches to stimulate informal justice providers to work with guidelines and best practices that advance people-centred justice.

Proposals may be submitted on or before 9 June 2023 at 17:00 hrs (CET) only through email to the following email addresses: and with the subject line: “Implementation plan Nigeria Specialist/proposal/name of company/individual”.

For more information about this opportunity, please refer to the Request for Proposal.

Request for proposals: Researcher-Justice Innovation Lab

HiiL is implementing a multi-year programme to advance people-centred justice in Nigeria. Under the programme, HiiL will implement a Justice Innovation Lab (the Lab) with the aim to develop a robust access to justice plan for Ogun State, Nigeria. To achieve this, HiiL seeks a researcher to support the preparatory phases of the Lab. The successful candidate will assists HiiL’s understanding of relevant legal and policy frameworks and institutions that impact access to land and family justice in Ogun.

Proposals may be submitted on or before 26 May 2023 at 17:00 hrs (CET) only through email to the following email address: and with the subject line: “JIL Nigeria Researcher/proposal/name of company/individual” . 

For more information about this opportunity, please refer to the Request for Proposal.

Projects in Nigeria

Justice Needs & Satisfaction in Nigeria

In 2022, HiiL surveyed more than 6,573 adults across Nigeria to understand their justice needs. This builds on an initial study of over 6,000 Nigerians published in 2018. Both Justice Needs and Satisfaction studies examine the legal needs and justice journeys that people take to realise justice in their daily lives. The data and information have served as a base for rethinking Nigeria’s justice sector.

Civil Justice Transformation in Ogun State, Nigeria

It is our vision for Ogun State to be the safest place to live, work and do business. In an effort to improve the civil justice journeys and experiences of Nigerians, HiiL initiated a series of stakeholder dialogues (Justice Transformation Labs) to offer meaningful ideas on how to make the justice sector affordable, accessible, and easy to understand. 

Ogun State Guidelines

Guidelines are sets of recommended interventions on how to resolve problems. They are based on empirical research and combine knowledge from the fields of psychology, communications, criminology, and conflict resolution. In Ogun State, together with an expert committee, we have defined evidence-based guidelines which address family justice issues and land conflicts.

Justice Transformation in Kaduna State, Nigeria

In collaboration with the Kaduna State Government, key stakeholders, and state-wide justice leaders, HiiL organised a series of dialogues to help realise people-centred justice in Kaduna State. The Justice Transformation Lab series seek to initiate locally-owned strategies that innovatively and effectively produce a more people-centred justice system.

Working with innovators in West Africa

Over the years, HiiL Justice Accelerator in West Africa supported 20 innovators in the region of which 9 came from Nigeria. The regional hub connects startups to the local market and can help scale across regions.

We work with these innovators in West Africa

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Justice Transformation Country Representative

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