What we do

Measuring Justice

Justice is about the common people. That’s why we go straight to the people in various countries to measure their justice satisfaction and learn about their legal needs.

Supporting Justice Innovations

After thousands of years of outdated justice, we think it’s about time we speed things up. That’s why we find and support the best justice in a region or country.

Transforming Justice

Real justice transformation requires diversity and shared commitment to a goal. Our experts help create transformations that are grounded in reality. Come together around a challenge.

Researching Solutions

We keep track of what works, what the barriers in solving the most prevalent legal problems are and what the ‘dead-ends’ in the justice sector are. Curious? Read on.

How we work

Our DNA:
data + innovation + transformation = user-friendly justice

What our partners say


Bottom-up justice innovation in Ukraine

Now, an elucidation: bottom-up and top-down are not strangers. In Ukraine, the Ministry of Justice has been proactively supporting justice innovations from the citizenry that

Collecting justice data in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, HiiL prepares the first Justice Needs and Satisfaction research to aid policymakers and other non-political parties understand what people need and want when