Britt van der Donk

Programme Director MNB

Solving the riddle of making the world a more just place across the globe. Every day we get a step closer. It is a long road ahead, but an extremely motivating one.

Britt van der Donk holds the position of Director of Projects at HiiL. In her role, she oversees the implementation of HiiL’s projects across the countries we work in. Next to managing the diverse team of Project Managers, she also sits in the Senior Management Team for daily management of the organisation.

In her previous role as management consultant, Britt worked on various (sustainability) strategies for multinationals in Europe and the Middle East, reshaping how their organisations could grow and be successful in the future. Before, she held various positions in the field of international development coordination, working in Ethiopia, for the OECD, and Oxfam Novib.

When not at work, Britt enjoys being in nature or on the road with her dog and best-buddy Bobbie. When circumstances force her inside, friends, family, a yoga mat and a stack of books are her favourite company.

Contact info
+31 70 762 0700
+31 6 39 26 5252