Mansoor Seyd

Finance & Accounting Officer

Always try to fail, but never fail to try.

Mansoor Syed, a native of the vibrant city of Kabul, Afghanistan, embarked on his professional journey armed with a BBA from Kardan University. Commencing as an ICT Technician with Quicklink Communication, he found himself navigating the remote corners of Afghanistan, ensuring internet services reached even the farthest reaches.

In 2006, Mansoor’s path led him to ECHO, where he devoted a decade of his life to humanitarian endeavors. This chapter was marked by profound impact, as he worked tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of those affected by the challenges of the region.

The year 2016 brought a significant shift as Mansoor embraced the international stage, offering his expertise as an interim professional with several organizations. In 2018, he found a meaningful home at Oikocredit, contributing five enriching years to the world of global finance.

Currently, Mansoor stands as a Finance and Accounting Officer at HIIL, weaving his financial expertise into the tapestry of positive change. Each step in his journey reflects a commitment to connecting worlds, from the remotest areas of Afghanistan to the global landscape of finance.

In the summer, you’ll find me on the balcony, basking in the warmth, and losing myself in the beauty of Farsi poems. When winter arrives, I retreat behind the window, wrapped in the coziness of my space, continuing my love affair with the verses that bring solace and inspiration. Reading Farsi poems is not just a hobby; it’s my timeless retreat, embracing the essence of every season.

Contact info
+31 70 762 0700