Khaled Aldroubi

IT Coordinator

Khaled Aldroubi brings over 15 years of IT expertise to his role as the IT Coordinator at the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL), having joined the HiiLers in March 2024. With a rich background in information technology, including advanced IT infrastructures, network security, and cloud computing, Khaled is dedicated to leveraging technology to enhance access to justice globally. His personal journey, marked by displacement and a profound understanding of the impact of legal injustices, fuels his passion for HiiL’s mission.
Khaled is working on upgrading HiiL’s IT strategies, policies, and infrastructure to enhance cybersecurity and ensure GDPR compliance. He works closely with HiiL’s IT champions and external partners to ensure HiiL’s IT systems support and drive HiiL’s mission forward.

In the last ten years, Khaled has managed the IT transformation of many nonprofit organizations through Microsoft 365 Enterprise, Azure, and Google Workspace.
He built strategic partnerships with Microsoft and Google by receiving grants of over 1.5 $M.
He was elevating Mission-Critical Data by using Microsoft and Google Cloud Technologies; Khaled was Invited by Microsoft as a speaker at the Microsoft NGO Cloud Day Event (May 2018) to present opportunities and possibilities of the Azure Cloud featured by Microsoft for successful implementation of Microsoft Cloud Services for nonprofit organizations.

Beyond his professional journey, Khaled is a continuous learner, often engaged in IT courses to further his knowledge. His leisure time is spent enjoying music, whether playing the guitar or attending live concerts, and delving into English literature.

Khaled lives by the philosophy that passion is crucial for perseverance in the face of challenges—a belief that resonates with Steve Jobs’ insight on the importance of loving what you do to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Contact info
+31 70 762 0700