Viviana Brun

Program Manager JIL

I truly believe in collaboration. As Kenneth Blanchard said, “None of us is smarter than all of us”. I like to deeply listen and observe and find new ways to let everyone express his/her voice.


Viviana Brun is the Programme Manager for the Justice Innovation Labs at the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL). She is responsible for designing and implementing the HiiL Justice Innovation Labs. These labs consist of a structured series of creative sessions in which innovators, public sector, private sector and civil society organisations connect to design scalable services that improve access to justice across Africa, the Middle East but also in The Netherlands. The end result of a lab is a viable innovative project with commitments for implementation and funding.

Viviana has more than a decade of experience working with INGOs and social organizations, guiding them to experience the opportunities offered by digital transformation and social innovation. In Italy, she designed and launched the “ICT for Social Good” Award to sustain and connect worldwide innovative projects created with a bottom-up approach and connect them with the international development sector. Before joining HiiL, Viviana worked for a social design studio in Amsterdam. She used to deliver training, workshops and consultancies on design thinking and human-centred design to ensure that new and innovative solutions were co-created with the people actually experiencing the problem. She is an Amani Institute alumni since 2019.


When not working, Viviana explores the world (no matter if just going around the corner or traveling several miles) with her great family team. She loves the sun, walking in the mountains and at the beach and cooking Italian food.

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