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HiiL is an equal opportunity and an international employer. We look to strengthen our team with talented candidates who bring an international mindset from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds to strengthen our working team.

We are looking for energetic and self-driven candidates who have the capabilities and drive to make a difference, and be a part of a young, constantly learning and developing environment.

If this sounds like something you would appreciate, join our international and dynamic team!

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Our team, our values

We embrace diversity

We value differences. We create space for a diversity of voices and experiences.

We are real 

We are deeply grounded in the reality of a complex justice space. We move realities.

We are entrepreneurial

We think outside of the box. We seek to understand problems and turn them into opportunities. We focus on delivering results with sustainable funding models.

We are people-centred

We put people at the centre of everything we do, we try to better understand them. We make connections between those who can bring relief to their unmet justice needs. 

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