Nicoletta Marone Cinzano

Junior Project Manager

Justice is a relative concept, tied to individual perspectives, cultures, and societies; this underscores the inescapable need for locally tailored and innovative methods to achieve justice for all.


Nicoletta Marone Cinzano is a Project Manager at the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL). In her role, she oversees diverse project teams, ensuring seamless operations and the timely delivery of project objectives. Her responsibilities extend to project management, where she collaborates with donors to guarantee the successful and smooth execution of projects.

Nicoletta’s passion for people-centered justice has been a consistent thread in her professional journey. During her tenure at UNODC in Kenya, she played a key role in a transformative program aimed at enhancing access to justice and reducing case backlog. Her collaboration spanned the entire criminal justice chain, with a particular focus on partnering closely with the Alternative Justice Committee. She actively collaborated with local practitioners to implement customary and informal justice systems throughout the country.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Nicoletta finds peace and passion in sports, particularly the boxing ring or by embarking on journeys to explore new destinations around the globe.

Contact info
+31 70 762 0700