Silvana Betro

Office Manager

I take pride in making everyone feel comfortable and be part of the HiiL team. My goal is to ensure that everyone gets the support they need to give their best towards reaching the ultimate HiiL BHAG.

Silvana Betrò joined HiiL in April 2019 as the personal assistant to the Director Justice Transformation and is now the office manager at the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL). She supports the many back-office responsibilities within the department of Shared Services and her focus is on ensuring the HiiL office is the ‘goto’ place for colleagues to meet, connect and collaborate on projects.

Silvana has gained extensive experience mostly in corporate business environments, as office manager and in various senior and executive supporting positions. She enjoys working in a no-nonsense environment and her forte is in simplifying and organising everyday, recurring office routines and processes in such a way that colleagues can enjoy working and connecting in the most pleasant and efficient way possible. As we all aim our energy working towards the goals set by HiiL, Silvana supports reaching HiiL’s goals by ensuring the workplace is inspiring, comfortable and safe. In this role, she assists the Director of Shared Services.

Silvana makes her house a home and enjoys cooking and spending time with her son, friends and family. She likes walks on the beach, playing tennis, pilates, reading fiction and watching movies and television.

Contact info
+31 (0) 70 762 0700