Supporting Justice Innovations

The Fast-Lane Of Innovation

After thousands of years of outdated justice, we think it’s about time we speed things up. Welcome to the Justice Accelerator. We find, and support the best justice innovations in a region or country.

Justice innovations make systems faster. They help people protect themselves and help to resolve disputes. They provide new ways to prevent and resolve pressing justice needs.

A yearly, global search finds the best justice innovations to support. Those who win may get invitations to the Justice Entrepreneurship School, seed money, workshops, and support from experienced mentors. Expect hard work and amazing results. And since we are user-friendly, we always have some fun on the way. Improving the world is easier with a smile, don’t you think?

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Database of justice innovations

Every year hundreds of the world’s best ideas and projects in justice innovation apply to the HiiL Justice Accelerator. Do you want to see which justice start-ups are currently innovating in your region?

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