Annual Report: 15 Years of supporting people-centred justice

If 2019 was “a watershed year” for HiiL, then 2020 challenged everything else we knew about our work and our lives. And yet, from the jolting experience of a global pandemic, to the economic uncertainty and political upheaval, 2020 also served for HiiL as a year of rebirth and reinvention. Our 2020 Annual Report details the many highlights, milestones and lessons learned in supporting and achieving people-centred justice around the world. 

The 2020 Annual Report details the progress made with our project work in Ethiopia, Mali, Uganda, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Syria and the United States. This work included Stakeholder Dialogues focused on people-centred justice programming in Uganda, Mali and Nigeria, as well as Innovation Labs to spur justice innovation for Syria

The year also saw us take several steps towards the establishment of HiiL’s Innovating Justice Fund. As the world’s first impact investment fund for people-centred justice, the fund will help bring game-changing innovations to scale further proof of HiiL’s commitment to transforming the justice sector based on data and research, and grounded in local realities.

Our Justice Accelerator, HiiL’s flagship innovation programme, expanded its social franchise model adding Hubs in three new regions: Ukraine, Southern Africa and Kenya. A Nigeria Hub is underway now further advancing the programme that funds, trains and coaches a global cohort of justice startups each year. This new and exciting structure will enable greater impact, stronger regional networks and local fundraising.

The Justice Accelerator, supported by HiiL’s research team, identified seven categories of Gamechangers — justice services that have the potential to address justice problems in a scalable and financially sustainable way.

During the Innovating Justice Forum from 4-5 February, more than 300 participants from across the world joined us in The Hague for an exchange of knowledge around increasing financing for justice innovation and identifying actionable ways to integrate justice innovation in national budgets. Our 2020 Trend Report: Charging for Justice, contributed to this effort by examining the enabling environment for (innovative) people-centred justice services.

“It was an extraordinary year,” said Sam Muller, CEO of HiiL. “I deeply thank all those who supported and worked with us. Our board members, our funders, the people and institutions we worked with, those that cheered us on and those who gave us valuable criticism. We will continue to work hard to earn and keep your trust.”

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