Application for the Innovating Justice Challenge 2020 is closed.


The Innovating Justice Challenge invited all startups that are transforming the justice sector to become part of our 2020 accelerator cohort. Since 2011, we have successfully funded, trained and scaled over 110 startups globally. We are the only accelerator world-wide dedicated to justice and SDG16.

Innovating Justice Challenge 2020

The Innovating Justice Challenge invites the most promising justice startups from:

  • East Africa
  • West Africa
  • Southern Africa
  • Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
  • Ukraine

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What are we looking for?

We are looking for startups that:

  • have products or services that prevent or resolve justice problems (e.g. help people to get access to legal services, work on removing barriers for people to access financial services, or get a registered identity, preventing (digital) fraud, tracking crime, etc.).
  • are already showing serious traction and measurable impact.
  • have a strong business model with the potential to become financially sustainable.
  • have the ambition and plan to scale across different markets.
  • are led by a strong team of experienced and inspiring founder(s).

What do we offer?

HiiL’s Justice Accelerator offers you a 4 month long programme that provides you with:

  • Training, peer learning, coaching and mentorship
  • €10k non-equity funding
  • Access to a global network of justice institutions, impact investors, legal tech organisations and academics
  • Potential investment opportunities
  • International exposure (at the Innovating Justice Forum 2021)
  • Cash prizes (!) for the winners: #1 €20k, #2 €10k and #3 €5k

The 2019/2020 Innovating Justice Challenge

Last February the entire 2019/2020 cohort pitched at the Innovating Justice Forum in The Hague and Bankly was chosen as the winner by judges Jackie Nagtegaal (Law for All), Duncan Onyango (KIFFWA) and Linda Bonyo (Lawyers Hub Kenya).

Join the Innovating Justice Challenge 2020

Selection and acceleration process 2020 - 2021

Do you want to learn about the startups in our portfolio?


Nigeria / Financial inclusion

Bankly is a savings and cash digitisation platform that allows its customers to save up for emergencies through an agent network while protecting them from fraud and theft.


South Africa / Domestic abuse

rAInbow is a digital companion designed to reach millions affected by abusive and controlling relationships. It helps users identify signs of abuse and offers support in a non-judgmental way.


Sierra Leone / Crime

CrimeSync made an all-in-one digital crime records management application that has been launched across Sierra Leone’s prison system. It serves to improve efficiency and transparency of the justice system.