17 justice entrepreneurs accepted into the 2019 HiiL Justice Accelerator

The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL) is pleased to announce that 17 innovators and entrepreneurs have been selected to enter its prestigious Justice Accelerator program, which commences from the end of October.

The Justice Accelerator is designed to help innovators working on scalable, sustainable solutions to access to justice problems grow, The startups were selected through the Innovating Justice Challenge, in a process that including online engagement, training and regional pitching finals in seven locations around the world.

All of the innovators selected will receive an initial grant of EUR 5,000, with additional funding and business service support available throughout the year.

“This year is our largest ever cohort and we’re delighted to have participants from countries where HiiL hasn’t previously operated, including Benin, Bangladesh and India,” says Ellen Tacoma, director of the Justice Accelerator. “The quality of applications has been exceptional, and we hope that all of those who didn’t make it through to the Accelerator will continue to stay in touch and be part of the HiiL network as we move on.”

HiiL supports entrepreneurs and innovators working on both for profit and not-for-profit solutions through the Justice Accelerator. This year’s innovations cover a wide variety of services for assisting with criminal procedures, legal services, property rights and business contracting issues. The solutions include mobile access to legal advice via shortcodes, a chatbot, an automated contracting platform and a board game.

“We’re looking forward to working with such a range of different ideas and experiences,” Tacoma says, “One of the most important parts of the program is learning from others as we all work towards the goal of access to justice for all.”

The 2019 Justice Accelerator 

Innovation Description Country
Juridische Hulp Online(JHO) “Together with its partners, JHO helps private individuals, entrepreneurs, law firms and business service providers to make legal processes / procedures simple and transparent.” Netherlands
Baobab “By having lawyers create engaging tutorial style video-based tutorials (with attachments), we can empower people to resolve many of their own legal issues.” South Africa
Epoq Legal “Online (or offline) real-time legal document automation designed for everyday people. It includes help, guidance and examples throughout the process including multiple workflows.” South Africa
Axdraft “Absolutely free online platform of high quality automated legal documents for small and medium enterprises.” Ukraine
Vkursi Business integrity check in 1 click. Risk monitoring, hidden connections. Legal advisory and algorithm for dealing with detected threats. Ukraine
HeLawyer “HeLawyer” is a mobile app specializing in legal advice. It provides citizens, legal information and legal advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” Benin
CrimeSync CrimeSync is an all-in-one digital crime records management application which serves to improve judicial service delivery through the whole justice chain. Sierra Leone
FarmWorkerzApp “FarmworkerzApp seeks to connect vetted farm-hands to potential farms for hiring anytime, anywhere to eliminate service/employment injustice and conflicts between workers and farm owners.” Nigeria
BTrack We have innovated a customized GPS tracker for use on motorcycles in such a way that removing them immobilizes the motorcycle.” Kenya
Viamo “Make employment rights available on demand in pre-recorded audio and text on a toll free mobile service under the short code 845 supported by MTN.” Rwanda
Wakili Mkononi Wakili Mkononi is a social enterprise that offers legal aid services and legal networking services on a digital platform. Kenya
Yunga Yunga is a local rescue digital network for neighbours, that allows them to communicate with each other in real time in case of attack Uganda
Tunga – Nkola App Tunga Innovations Ltd is an app that informs users about their employment rights. E.g leave days both annual and maternity, overtime rates and notice before resigning or being terminated. Uganda
Justice Bot JusticeBot is a chatbot that provides access to legal procedures information and services, to Ugandans in needs of legal service and justice. Uganda
Zzimba Games ZG is simplifying the justice ecosystem by simulating Ugandans experience through an entertaining card & board game, that mirrors their environment and subsequently empowers them. Uganda
Haqdarshak Tech platform which helps citizens discover, apply for and benefit for government welfare schemes India
Babadon Sangho To prepare maps use of an open source Android based mobile application, Geo-ODK, on smart phones and tablets by Deed Writers and Para surveyors Bangladesh