Justice Innovation Scouting

Problem: Justice innovators are everywhere, but they don’t identify as “justice innovators.”

Solution: Since 2012, the HiiL Justice Accelerator has been searching worldwide to identify justice innovators. We work with local partners like incubation hubs, law associations, and media outlets to find them.


Swedish Embassy in Uganda
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
City of The Hague


2012 - ongoing



Justice Innovation is everywhere. In small villages, big cities, and everywhere in between. Brilliant and inspired people are trying to resolve disputes in their communities and help people access their rights. But they rarely think of themselves as “justice innovators.”

The HiiL Justice Accelerator finds and identifies these innovators. By “putting them on the map” we can help to tell their stories. We can connect them to international resources around access to justice. And we can let them know: they’re not alone.

Once we find them, we can join their journey. Each innovator needs something different. When we identify who they are and what they’re doing, we can see how we can help. Some enter our Acceleration Programme.

How do we assess startups for our support? Five criteria. Ability to prevent or resolve pressing justice needs (impact). Ability to be financially sustainable. Ability to scale regionally or globally. Team quality. We involve local and global experts to help us make these assessments.



justice innovations scouted worldwide