#JustInnovate18 taking on the global legal tech scene one startup at a time

HiiL looks back with pride on the Innovating Justice Conferences of 2018, which were held in seven locations in seven countries across Africa, Europe, and Asia between September and October 2018. Over 40 justice entrepreneurs were selected out of more than 430 applications worldwide to pitch their justice innovation. Driven by a passion for justice innovation and supported by the presence of equally dedicated members of the audience, they showed how they are making justice more user-friendly.

Our justice journey kicked off on 4 September in Johannesburg, with seven entrepreneurs participating. Baobab Law took first place, this inspiring startup provides answers to pressing legal questions in the form of videos of lawyers explaining the law. Judges were impressed with the quick growth of the startup and the partnerships they have developed since inception.

On 21 September, two Innovating Justice Conferences took place in Lagos and Nairobi. In each Conference, seven justice entrepreneurs competed for the first place. In Lagos, HeLawyer from Benin won. HeLawyer is a mobile app which provides around the clock legal advice to citizens. HiiL CEO, Sam Muller, attended the Lagos Conference and opened the event by saying how he felt immensely “humbled” by the drive and promise of justice entrepreneurship he had witnessed. In Nairobi, BTrack Global took first place. The winning innovators created a tracking system allowing owners to track their stolen boda bodas with the use of their smart phones and easily recover them.

Less than a week later, on 27 September, our fourth Innovating Justice Conference took off in Kyiv. Six finalists presented their justice innovation. AxDraft, a free online platform with templates of legal documents for small and medium enterprises, won first place. Continuing the mission for justice the next day, we held another Innovating Justice Conference in Kampala on 28 September. The winner was Yunga, a local digital rescue network for neighbours, allowing them to communicate with each other in case of an attack.

On 2 October, the penultimate The Hague Innovating Justice Conference was held. Six entrepreneurs pitched their innovation to the jury and the audience. Juridische Hulp Online (JHO) took victory home. JHO is a digital platform for starting legal procedures, drafting and editing legal documents. However, one startup that won the Audience Award really captured the audience’s mind. New Dutch Connections, an innovation which aims to bring legal empowerment to refugees, blew the room away with an electrifying pitch.

Last but certainly not least, the final Innovating Justice Conference took place on 6 October in Dhaka. The Dhaka Conference was the first time HiiL organized such an event in Asia. The winner was Haqdarshak from India, a tech platform which helps citizens discover and apply for social benefits.

If you come across an inspiring justice innovation or legal tech from your city, send us a tip! Or better yet, start innovating yourself and be part of the global movement of justice innovation.

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