Theresa Smout

Programme Director ENU

The way to peace and prosperity runs through justice. Until we figure out how to walk that journey together, all the alternative routes will keep taking us back to square one.

Theresa Smout holds a Masters’ degree in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam, and specialized in public financial management at Harvard University. She has worked for the UN on development challenges faced by the Global South; gaining experience in close to 30 countries. From supporting community projects and strengthening institutional capacity, to influencing macro policy and budget linkages, her understanding of what unites us as humanity has been enriched.

At HiiL, Theresa engages with a broad range of national stakeholders on justice related themes. Leveraging connectivity and influential networks is what gives transformation the best chance at working out. People-centered justice is the future but building the bridges that take us forward from where we are now, requires unorthodox collaboration. The kind where people, ideas and creative solutions thrive. That’s HiiL and that’s what Theresa values most about being part of the team.

Contact info
+31 (0) 70 762 0700