Emmy Dexel

Senior Communications & PR Manager

Everyone under the sun has the right to justice, which should be fair, inclusive and leading to sustainable solutions. It needs to work for the people involved so they can carry on with their lives. It gives me hope and energy to work towards this fairer future.

Emmy Dexel is leading strategic communications at HiiL.

She brings along her experience as a communications and media specialist with many NGOs, including Mama Cash and Amnesty International. Emmy has been responsible for designing and implementing communication strategies, leading the creation of engaging content for various campaigns and placing this in relevant media ensuring high-quality coverage. Prior to that, Emmy worked for 15 years in broadcast journalism producing news, features and documentaries for numerous outlets including the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and Reuters. Thanks to her background, Emmy has a solid grasp of the media’s needs and its audiences. Her skills to distil complex issues into engaging content and establish partnerships are some of the core strengths she brings to HiiL. Emmy holds an MPhil in Media Studies from the University of Sussex and an MA in Communications from the University of Amsterdam.

Before Emmy got her teeth into investigative documentaries, she used to hang out on red carpets as showbiz correspondent.

To replenish her energy, Emmy goes to the beach, cycles through the woods or swims with her son. Apart from the outdoors, she enjoys cooking, practices yoga and is learning Italian.

Contact info

+31 (0) 70 762 0700