Strengthening people-centred justice in 2021

As the world continues to face a huge justice gap, we made good progress in advancing people-centred justice in 2021.

We had conversations about what justice systems could be: a place where conflicts are resolved, where rights can be invoked, frustrations channelled, and violence prevented. We also talked of systems that help to strengthen trust in state institutions and examined new ways of working, of using data to understand the needs of people and outcomes needed. We discussed justice interventions that really work and how to share best practices. We came together to work on delivery models that get those effective justice innovations to as many people as possible. And met more often to create the enabling environment for the change that is needed. 

It has been a year of innovation and growth of people-centred justice across HiiL’s programmes, which we further developed with an integrated approach. The five core elements are the collection of data on the needs and experiences of people, moving to evidence-based practice, supporting gamechanging justice services, creating an enabling environment, and ensuring engagement to strengthen the network. This comprehensive approach serves as the foundation for our work in 2022 solidifying people-centred justice in six programme countries and helping to realise SDG 16.3.

As part of HiiL’s growth, we realigned our way of working from one that was organised around areas of expertise, to one organised around programmes in countries. In this way, we are able to bring together the different components of people-centred justice working in the places where the difference must be made: at the country level. Various projects have shown that anchoring these in a country framework is the best way to make change happen. The interaction between data, the collection and sharing of best practices, scaling innovations, and creating an enabling environment make a difference on the ground.

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