Six suggestions for improving access to justice

In this unique report, 24 leaders from the Dutch justice sector express a joint vision on the future of the legal infrastructure.

Now also in English version!

How can the justice sector take advantage of the opportunities for innovation? What can be done about the negative image of endless procedures (e.g., financial services, investigation and trials of Srebrenica, high conflict divorce, injury from medical services, etc.)? Dialogue about the justice system and access to justice always returns to an argument about necessary cost savings versus minimal protection of rights.

To change this, the 24 participants advise an ’IKEA-test’ to make rules more practical. Why not introduce incentives to solve problems instead of negotiating and litigating issues via the tournament model? A right to challenge should facilitate new entrants with innovative procedures. The statement also addresses the morality of the legal professions, transparency of the market and the need to set inspiring goals for the sector. The 24 participants are leaders from the bar, judiciary, universities, public sector and companies who supply new forms of legal services.

Click here to read the report (in Dutch) and here for the English version.