Justice Needs & Satisfaction Survey in the Netherlands: Employee dismissal procedures

Dismissal procedures are the cause of stress and emotional problems. This is just one of the outcomes from HiiL’s Justice Needs and Satisfaction Survey conducted by our Measuring Justice team in the Netherlands.

As part of the survey, over 4000 respondents  were asked about their experiences with dismissal procedures. Our report on this research was released on 1 July – the same day as the implementation of the revised Work and Security Act (‘Wet Werk en Zekerheid’).

The data collected shows that dismissal has a greater impact than the loss of income. For instance, 42% of people surveyed had experienced reduced self-esteem as a result of their dismissal; 55% said they suffered from psychological problems and stress as a result of termination and another 29% reported physical complaints. Therefore, there is little surprise that 43% of respondents stated that their dismissal had a profound negative impact on their lives.

To find out more about the impact of dismissal procedures in the Netherlands, and to download the full report (in Dutch), click here.