Developing consensus on goals and targets in the third stakeholder dialogue towards civil justice in Ogun State, Nigeria

During the third and final stakeholders’ dialogue on 22-24 March, participants took ownership and responsibility for the work required going forward to realise civil justice transformation in Ogun State, Nigeria. The two-dozen stakeholders, including high-level justice practitioners, political leaders, and Ogun State Attorney General Akingbolahan Adeniran identified how implementing civil justice transformation would fall within their sphere of influence. 

“As an Ogun state civil justice transformation Gamechanger, the next step I will take is to use my office to get as many development partners (international and national) collaborating with the state in resolving civil justice matters,” stated one participant. 

This follows several months of discussions and interactive labs where indicators and goals have been identified to transform people-centred justice in Ogun State. Together, the high-level group have analysed challenges and opportunities for tackling justice related issues involving land, neighbour, and family disputes. The approaches thus far involve three game-changing pathways: 

  1. A hotline for domestic violence victims.
  2. A local dispute resolution model for resolving neighbour disputes.
  3. Digitising data collected from traditional leaders and local authorities for inclusion in the land registry. 

“The process is about the people of the Ogun state,” said Sam Muller, CEO of HiiL. “It’s about stronger communities, higher trust in government, and equitable economic growth.”

In the coming months, HiiL and the Office of the Attorney General of Ogun State will announce a strategy document that details future steps in Ogun State’s civil justice transformation. 

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