Data Triangulation Workshop in Amman, Jordan

On Saturday July 8th, Martin Gramatikov, head of Measuring Justice, and Roger El Khoury, HiiL representative in the Arab countries and Senior Justice Sector Advisor, led a workshop with a distinguished group of Jordanian judges, lawyers, and civil society activists in Amman. This session was intended to present and discuss the preliminary findings of the Justice Needs and Satisfaction (JNS) survey HiiL conducted earlier this year in Jordan.

Because data on it’s own tells only part of the story, HiiL needs the views and reflections of local experts from the countries we analyze. This allows us to get a full picture of how people get access to justice.

The workshop produced an open discussion about Jordanian’s legal problems. Our survey showed that neighbors relations, family justice problems, and housing, are the most pressing and prevalent legal needs in the population. Our sample also included Syrians refugees (10%), for whom housing, public welfare, and employment are critical issues.

The local expertise of the workshop participants provided key insights for the HiiL team. These fundamental inputs will be reflected in the full and comprehensive data report which HiiL will publish soon. HiiL is grateful for all the valuable feedback received from these experts who attended the session in Amman. The feedback will help HiiL finalise the report, which is an evidence-based eye-opener for future discussion and cooperation on Jordanian justice innovation.

Gathering data is just the first step towards justice innovation. HiiL’s next phase after releasing the report will involve creating a coalition of stakeholders around the most pressing justice needs in Jordan. This collaboration will develop innovative solutions to deal with those justice needs. In alignment with this, HiiL will work with the private sector to empower justice entrepreneurship in developing new solutions.