Hasan Aloul

Communications Content Specialist

Effective communication is not simply about using technology, it is about understanding the value of your expertise to your stakeholders, developing content that will resonate with them, and then using the right technology and other means to disseminate that content effectively.

Hasan joined HiiL in September 2021. He brings 14+ years of experience in strategy and digital communications in the NGO sector. A native of Charlottesville, Virginia, his professional life began in 2008 in Washington, D.C. at the U.S. Library of Congress where he combined his interests in connecting contemporary ideas to the historical legacy of Abraham Lincoln.

Two years later, he joined the U.S. Institute of Peace. His work focused on positioning America’s most important think tank and the promotion of justice, conflict mediation, and equality of opportunity. Hasan moved to The Hague in 2013 and has since established or helped shape outreach and engagement at multiple international organisations. He has led and managed communication outreach and developed organisational processes that strengthen community engagement.

Hasan holds a degree in communications with a focus on political communication and business marketing from George Mason University. In 2020, he earned a professional certificate in Corporate Communication from Cornell University. Outside work, Hasan finds energy in futsal, bouldering, books, and nature especially if it involves friends, family, and his Jordanian dog Barkley.

Contact info

+31 70 762 0700