Eric Mwangi Kariuki

Justice Accelerator Head, Kenya

We live in a world with immense wants and growing inequalities. Access to justice is the hand maiden to resolve many of these challenges. Hence it is important to innovate, transform and reform how justice works for everyone

Eric is an experienced innovator who has been supporting social entrepreneurs across East Africa for the last 3 years solve their most pressing needs in order to enable them grow and scale their solutions.
Eric holds a Bachelors in Business Information Technology and a higher diploma in Human resource management.

As one of the founders of The Kijiji, a social enterprise hub based in Nairobi, Eric has seen a lot investment go into the traditional sectors of Health, Education, Fintech and Agriculture with little or no focus in the Justice sector.

HiiL is an opportunity to change this paradigm by centering justice solutions as a key enabler for socio-economic growth and development in Africa and beyond.

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