Justice needs and satisfaction in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most densily populated in the world. The demographic pressure on the justice system increases day by day. We covered the whole country to hear the Justice needs of Bangladeshis. We partnered with BRAC, the world’s biggest NGO to make it happen.

Bangladesh is a unique country in the region, as a Muslim majority country in a region traditionally associated with Buddhism and Hinduism. It also happens to have one of the highest population densities in the world and an economy that is developing very rapidly. Not to mention its history as a British colony. These and many other factors make Bangladesh an interesting, and occasionally challenging, environment to work in.

We are interested in exploring what the people of Bangladesh experience when they encounter a legal problem and figuring out what is working well and what isn’t working. We are able to present the facts as they are by identifying the issues with our data driven approach. This will serve as the first step in moving to action, because we believe that gathering the data is just the start of the process of justice innovation. The data allows us to highlight certain issues and bring together policy makers, lawyers, judges, CSOs, the media etc. and initiate a process that will lead to new solutions which will directly improve the justice journeys of the citizens of Bangladesh.

Data is now available in the Justice Dashboard.


participants of a stakeholder workshop on Land problems


interviewed people


districts of Bangladesh covered