Living Wage Innovation Challenge


Alongside the Innovating Justice Awards, this year HiiL is pleased to present for the first time the Living Wage Innovation Challenge, in partnership with C&A Foundation. This Challenge is looking for committed and inspiring innovators who offer solutions to fostering fair living wages and enabling more fair and stable conditions in the labour markets of the Ready Made Garment sector. Individuals and organisations can win global recognition and support. We have set aside a 100.000 EUR investment budget dedicated to making the top submissions more impactful, more suitable to the garment industry and more financially sustainable.

Submit your solution for this international challenge via our Innovating Justice platform here

The textile and Ready Made Garment sector employs millions of people worldwide and has greatly contributed to the development of many struggling economies. However, in the global international supply chains, innovation is most certainly needed – to bring more justice to those working in the sector and to make it more sustainable. We aim to find promising initiatives and establish empowering relationships with innovators with the potential to bring about positive change.

HiiL will monitor various countries in Asia and South America including Brazil, Mexico, China, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Turkey and could envisage focusing on innovations around the following topics:

  • Collective bargaining and dialogue mechanism (between buyers, sellers and workers)
  • Mechanisms to protect and ensure freedom of association rights
  • Contract negotiation innovations
  • Minimum wage setting – relevant rulemaking mechanisms
  • Grievance and dispute management mechanisms
  • Efficient compensation claim mechanisms
  • Operationalisation of collective agreements and living, or minimum wages
  • Due diligence and risk management related to purchasing practices and the supply chain
  • Trust building and transparency enhancing innovation
  • Transparent payment systems

In time, of course, this scope of countries and topics will be further developed and broadened by C&A Foundation and HiiL.