Empowering Justice: HiiL and the Bar Association Forge a Game-Changing Partnership

Representatives of the Tunisian Bar Association joined the first session of our Justice Innovation Lab. The session took place on the 23 June and focused on addressing people’s needs related to employment justice. The Lab reflects strengthening cooperation across Tunisia’s justice sector and builds on a new partnership between HiiL and the Tunisian Bar Association.

In a significant development for the advancement of justice systems and legal innovation, The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL) and the Tunisian Bar Association recently announced a groundbreaking partnership. The official signing ceremony took place during the highly anticipated JNS Report 2023 launching event. The collaboration marks a crucial step towards fostering legal innovation and empowering the Tunisian justice sector.

The partnership between HiiL and the Tunisian Bar Association is driven by a common goal to promote legal innovation in Tunisia. Recognising the rapidly changing global legal landscape. Both organisations understand that embracing innovation is crucial for the advancement of justice systems. By collaborating, HiiL and the Tunisian Bar Association seek to introduce new technologies, practices, and methodologies.

They aim to foster an environment that encourages creativity, efficiency, and accessibility within the justice system, ultimately empowering legal professionals and improving the overall quality of legal services provided to Tunisian citizens. 

This partnership signifies a proactive approach to embracing innovation and ensuring that Tunisia remains at the forefront of legal advancements in the region.

Prominent figures at the signing ceremony:

The event witnessed the presence of distinguished personalities from both organisations. Representing HiiL was its esteemed CEO, Dr. Sam Muller, Mrs. Raja Mazeh, the country manager for Tunisia, Mr. Ronald Lenz, HiiL’s Programme Director for the MENA region.

On behalf of the Tunisian Bar Association, Mr. Hatem Mziou, the Dean of the Bar Association, was present to solidify the partnership. His presence underscored the importance and commitment of the Tunisian legal community in promoting innovation and improving access to justice.

The power of collaboration:

The partnership between HiiL and the Tunisian Bar Association holds immense promise for legal innovation, access to justice, and the overall development of Tunisia’s justice system. By leveraging the expertise and resources of HiiL, renowned for its cutting-edge legal research and innovation, the Tunisian Bar Association aims to drive positive change and address the pressing challenges faced by the justice system.

Areas of focus:

The collaboration will focus on various key areas that are vital to the transformation of Tunisia’s legal landscape. These include:

  • Capacity Building: The Tunisian Bar Association will benefit from HiiL’s extensive experience in training and capacity-building programs. The collaboration aims to equip legal professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to adapt to the changing legal landscape and deliver justice effectively.
  • Future Prospects: The partnership between HiiL and the Tunisian Bar Association marks a significant milestone in the advancement of justice systems and legal innovation. By leveraging their combined expertise and resources, the two organisations are well-positioned to catalyse positive change within Tunisia’s legal ecosystem. The collaborative efforts aim to create a more accessible, efficient, and inclusive justice system that meets the needs of all citizens.


The official signing ceremony between HiiL and the Tunisian Bar Association represents a significant occasion for legal innovation and access to justice in Tunisia. Both organisations will work together to implement innovative solutions. With a shared vision and commitment to excellence, the partnership sets the stage for transformative change within the Tunisian justice system.

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