Collecting data on justice needs

Collecting Citizens Needs​

Justice isn’t just about the number of reported crimes. Nor is it about courts and laws. It’s about the common people. Their daily lives, their pain and frustration – and the justice outcomes that they get or don’t get.

That’s why we listen to people in various countries to know how satisfied they are with the justice system. We collect the voices of thousands with our Justice Needs and Satisfaction Survey (JNS). Through the Survey, we get to see the state of play that reveals people’s actual legal problems, experiences and access to justice. Adjusted to the specific context of the country it provides in-depth understanding. It’s unique in the world. It has been carried out in more than 18 countries.  So yes, we are kind of proud of it. Because innovation and transformation can only start after assumptions are informed with real data.

Our data reports:

Interactive Data Dashboard

Access to Justice means Access to Information. The Justice Dashboard brings our data to your fingertips. Explore the problems everyday people encounter. Understand their strategies to resolve problems. See where they get stuck. The Dashboard aims to devise user-friendly ways to bring justice to all.

Do you need insights on justice problems in your country?