Trend Report 2 – Rulejungling: When lawmaking goes private, international and informal

Authored by Maurits Barendrecht, David Raič, Ronald Janse, Sam Muller, based on 9 major HiiL projects with leading researchers on multilevel rulemaking, published in 2012

HiiL’s Trend report analyses where lawyers, courts and parliaments in national states lose control. Innovative processes will have to ensure people still have a say in how they are governed. A truly global and trustworthy rulemaking profession can be part of the answer.

The report shows that rulemaking is becoming ever more international, private and informal. It analyses how the new rule making processes work and what benefits they have, and which challenges remain. Four major needs for innovation are identified. These needs clearly show: it is time for lawyers at ministries and courts to adjust their strategies. They cannot afford to ignore the impact of modern-style rulemaking on their work processes.