Trend Report 3 – Trialogue releasing the value of courts

Published in 2013 by HiiL

With the feed-back received from the Innovating Justice Forum participants on the draft version of the trend report, the trend report has become even more focused on the needs of courts and their users.

In Trialogue – Releasing the value of courts you can find the trends in how courts across the world improve their procedures. The report lists the challenges as experienced by court leaders, and a range of strategies and innovations that may help to overcome these challenges. It also contains three wonderful designs of courts of the future developed by architects in close interaction with judges.

One of the key points is that citizens would benefit if courts take their future in their own hands. If courts form new partnerships and negotiate more freedom to operate, they can select a strategy, specialise and innovate in a more systematic way. Courts, and their clients, know best what works, and can co-create procedures for the most frequent problems of businesses and individuals. They are in the best position to develop smart models for financing these procedures.

If the information and ideas in the report appeal to you, please share the report with court leaders in your country who are likely to make a difference during the next few years. We at HiiL Innovating Jusitice look forward to working with you and with them on court innovation during 2014.