The Scaling Programme

At HiiL, we aim that by 2030, 150 million people will be able to prevent or resolve their most pressing justice problems. Therefore, we’re dedicated to a new paradigm shift in justice – people-centred justice. 

People-centred justice delivers justice for all, with a particular focus on those who have historically been excluded from access to justice.  To achieve people-centred justice we need innovation from new non-traditional players to deliver scalable breakthrough services that help people with their everyday justice problems. This is why we built the HiiL Justice Accelerator, the only startup programme dedicated to improve access to justice. 

An innovative and scalable business model is essential to successfully making an impact. It is our commitment to the financial sustainability potential of these interventions that drives our support to justice startups in the Justice Accelerator programme. Startups are a key driver in closing the justice gap. They come up with breakthrough ideas and implement them in ways that large businesses or institutions often can’t. For that reason, HiiL provides support to justice startups, from ideation to scaling and beyond.

Applications for the Scaling Programme are open!

Welcome to the Scaling Programme!

The Scaling Programme is developed to elevate your startup and enhance its impact. It is intended to assist you in expanding your business into new markets and equip you to become investment-ready. The programme, implemented by Growth Africa,  is tailored to each selected startup and consists of two to three sprints, which are facilitated by a sprint coach. Additionally, the startup receives regular coaching from a leadership coach who focuses on leadership and team management, and a venture partner coach, who focuses on commercialisation and scaling.

By the end of the programme, our goal is for the startups to be well-prepared to secure an investment from the Innovating Justice Fund. If selected, the startup will undergo a thorough due diligence process with the fund manager, Fount. The investment ticket size varies according to the startup’s development stage, ranging from 100K EUR to 250K EUR. The investment instrument is adaptable and may take the form of convertible loans, SAFE or direct equity investment.

Who can apply?

This programme is for the HiiL Justice Accelerator Alumni, as well as other LegalTech, InsureTech, GovTech, Proptech and CivicTech scale-ups that fulfil the following criteria:

The criteria to apply is the following:

  1. Impact driven with a special focus on preventing or resolving clear pressing justice issues
  2. Product/market fit in first market and evidence of further organic traction 
  3. Approaching €10K in monthly recurring revenue
  4. ≥ 8 full time employees
  5. Positive working capital or on trend 
  6. Coachable founders, receptive to feedback with a growth mindset

What are the justice problems that we focus on?

  1. Complicated employment contracts and unfair working conditions
  2. Limited or no access to social benefits and essential public services
  3. Money-related conflicts such as theft, fraud and violence
  4. Family issues such as divorce and inheritance
  5. Complicated registration, contracts and compliance for small businesses
  6. Neighbour disputes about noise, damages, property access and rent collection

Solution Examples

  1. Claiming platforms for government entitlements/social security
  2. Platforms preventing fraud via KYC, identity management and fraud detection services (to improve access, to employment, finance and insurance)
  3. Legal marketplaces providing access to legal information, advice and representation
  4. Platforms providing basic financial services (payments, savings, wallets) for the un- and under-banked
  5. Platforms preventing GBV, theft and serious crime by  providing information, guidance and security hardware
  6. Online dispute resolution platforms
  7. Building & tenancy management platforms

Meet our Scaleups



Founded by a woman entrepreneur, provides verification services, and in doing so, prevents fraud. Examples of verification services include, identity verification, background checks on new hires, verifying the authenticity of property documents, as well as verification of certificate and documents in business relationships.

Loomino (Civitas)


A platform for digital municipal services. It facilitates access to rights, optimises local administration processes and strengthens accountability, transparency and good governance.



Led by a woman CEO,  a one-stop-shop for businesses. It automates business registration and  compliance, and makes it simple, fast and accessible even for small and medium enterprises.



Juridoc, led by a woman CEO, provides rare access to documents that are hardly available online, and includes an interactive documentary base of regulatory texts in the subfields of law.



Lexyom provides fast and easy access to create contracts! Consumers select the contract they need from their exhaustive library, customise the contract to fit their needs, and then send it over for digital signature.

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