Employment Justice Workshop Tunisia

In an attempt to evolve data to action, HiiL has conducted a workshop in Tunis to formulate an action plan around designing smart employment contracts and innovative dispute resolution mechanisms around employment justice. The workshop was part of a larger project concerning the Justice Needs of the Tunisian people, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Experts in employment justice from the Ministries of Justice, Employment and Social Affairs, Judges, representatives from academia, human resources experts and representatives from the Labour Inspectorate attended the workshop. Based on the results of this years  Tunisian Justice Needs and Satisfaction Survey, the expert participants discussed the Tunisian people’s most pressing justice needs and formulated goals for a new system of employment justice. Pressing goals that emerged included equal access to jobs, an equilibrium between stability and flexibility of jobs in the private sector, transparent promotions in the public sector, up to date labour codes and better enforcement of protection.

In a session led by HiiL’s Research Director Dr. Maurits Barendrecht, user stories from the perspectives of employers, employees, judges & mediators and public agencies were developed. This innovative method of product design helps to shift the focus onto the needs of the users of the justice system.

Together with the coalition that we have built during the workshop, we are working on securing funding to follow up on the tasks specified in the action plan.