Request for quotation: Data collection services in Nigeria

request for quotation: data collection in Nigeria

Request for quotation in Ogun State:

Developing evidence-based practices on preventing and resolving land problems

The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL) invites relevant companies and/or individuals to submit a quote for developing 15 evidence-based best practices on preventing and resolving land problems.

HiiL and local researchers together develop guidelines for practitioners in the justice sector such as lawyers, mediators and paralegals. Justice guidelines are meant to support justice practitioners in their daily work. These practitioners could be lawyers, paralegals, judges, mediators, police and other professionals who directly engage with people.

Guidelines are inspired by the medical sector and consist of clear and actionable best practices, on how to deal with justice issues. They help practitioners with communication techniques, tools for de-escalation, mediation methods and other useful ‘soft skills that are essential in dispute resolution.

Guidelines combine practice-based evidence (experiences from practitioners across Nigeria) and evidence-based practice (recommended interventions from internationally conducted studies). It is a living document. That means with new information, responses from practitioners and users should continually improve.

To effectively conduct this guideline research, HiiL invites relevant professionals to submit a quote for targeting adult respondents residing in Ogun State. HiiL will select the partnering professional on the following criteria, among others:

  • Experience and proven track record in the research field.
  • Sound understanding of research methodologies.
  • Interest and knowledge of the Nigerian socio-political scenes and context.
  • Considerable proficiency in Google Workspace Office.
  • Problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills.
  • Practical experience in database management.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

For more information about this opportunity, please refer to the Request for Proposal:

Request for Quotation in Nigeria (global):

Between 2022-2025, HiiL will conduct four annual Justice Needs & Satisfaction (JNS) surveys in Nigeria. The annual surveys will record justice issues affecting the same group of respondents. The objective is to understand the needs, experiences, and eventually the satisfaction of Nigerians with their justice systems (formal and traditional).

Based on previous studies, HiiL estimates an expected total sample size of 4,500 adults with at least 60% of participants having experienced a legal problem in the last year. 

To effectively conduct this multi-year survey, HiiL invites relevant companies to submit a quote for targeting adult respondents residing in Nigeria. HiiL will select the partnering organisation on the following criteria, among others:

  • Proven track record of conducting large-scale surveys.
  • Ability to properly explain a viable way for identifying respondents and retaining them in the group. 
  • Commitment to data protection and best practices in data collection.
  • Knowledge of SurveyCTO software tool is a plus.

To guarantee that the Dataset is well represented, the sampling strategy must include respondents from each of the six geopolitical regions.

For more information about this opportunity, please refer to the Request for Quotation.

Please send your quotations by email to before 30 July. Questions and requests for clarifications can be addressed to

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