Uganda’s growing commitment to people-centred justice ensures putting people and their needs at the centre.

Key Highlights


data studies launched


rounds of stakeholder dialogues on user-friendly justice in Uganda


Justice Innovators supported since 2016


Justice Innovation Lab held in 2021

created movie about justice leaders

Family Justice Catalogue based on evidence-based working

Uganda takes justice seriously. With a committed leadership and strong civil society, Uganda has prioritised data collection and innovation to become one of the continents strongest advocates for people-centred justice. 

Roughly 80% of Ugandans face one or more legal problems every year. The resolution rate for these justice problems lies at 30%. The unresolved 70% of problems relate mostly to corruption, encounters with the police, obtaining identity documents, and employment.

HiiL’s work in Uganda spans more than eight years. In that time, we have developed important partnerships and carried out multiple activities. This includes measuring justice needs, researching solutions, advising and partnering with justice workers to transform the sector, and supporting justice innovations known as Gamechangers. Our approach has focused on five interconnected pillars to achieving long-lasting impact.

Projects in Uganda

Justice Needs & Satisfaction in Uganda

In 2015, HiiL carried out a nation-wide study on access to justice in Uganda. Its provides information and insights on the state of access to justice in Uganda.

Justice Leadership Dialogues

The Dialogues are a collaborative effort between the Judiciary of Uganda, JLOS and HiiL. The first session was attended by 18 people, representing the judiciary, police as well as governmental officials. The objective of the first Stakeholder Dialogue session was to come to a shared goal(s) inspired by the four transformational ideas that meet the requirements of simplicity, closeness and engagement.

Working with innovators

We have supported 15 justice innovations in Uganda till date. Apart from providing the funding support, we provide training to the startups on various areas of business development, financial management as well as mentorship support from the subject experts.

Uganda Family Justice Catalogue

This treatment guideline combines identifiable best practices with evidence about what works in order to provide a more standardised, higher quality way of solving family problems.

Justice Leaders movie

The Justice Leaders is a documentary that portrays the struggle of two justice leaders in their fight for a justice system that cares for its people.

We work with these Ugandan innovators

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Using data to shape the future of justice

A third major study of justice needs in Uganda provides new insights into people’s legal problems, providing parameters for justice practitioners to work with when implementing people-centred justice programmes.

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