HiiL welcomes 15 startups to its 2022 Justice Accelerator Programme 

Following a rigorous process of selection, HiiL is proud to present the next generation of Justice startups in its 2022 cohort. Tackling justice issues of Crime, Land, Family, Neighbors and SMEs the 15 startups come from Nigeria, Tunisia, Rwanda, Kenya and Lebanon. In the next six months, they will participate in an intense programme of 25 workshops and masterclasses as well as receive mentorship from top experts. They have a dedicated coach who supports them on an ongoing basis. The startups will also receive a grant funding of 10,000 EUR.

Throughout the programme, there are plenty of opportunities to learn from each other. The innovators bring their challenges to the group, and collaborate in identifying solutions. Motivated by their strong commitment to delivering justice, these innovators will challenge each other toward maximising impact. It’s a fun journey of getting to know each other better and building long-term friendships.

Equipped with its expertise in understanding justice needs, relationship and collaboration with stakeholders, know-how in innovation and business, The HiiL Justice Accelerator scouts and accelerates startups with sustainable and scalable business models that address people’s everyday justice needs.

On February 15, 2023, at Demo Day, the startups in the 2022 accelerator cohort will take the (virtual) stage to showcase their achievements. A jury of investors and justice experts will also select the three most promising startups as the winners of the Innovating Justice Award. These startups will receive additional funding of up to 20,000 EUR. 

At HiiL, we are deeply inspired by the fierce commitment of innovators to closing the justice gap. Using innovative solutions, startups aim to address the problems of large numbers of people as fast and effectively as possible. 

Join us in congratulating the 2022 cohort and the start of this exciting new journey.

Here they are from Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, Tunisia, and Lebanon:


Legal Point Services

Country/ Region: Kenya | Justice problem addressed: Multiple

Legal Point Services is a virtual workspace for legal services. Using a rich catalogue of lawyers, individuals and businesses access legal services from verified lawyers and advocates from the comfort of their homes.

The interactive online environment allows clients to be more involved in their legal matters. It also provides legal work tools that in turn reduce the price of legal services for their clients. 

Mama Fua

Country/ Region: Kenya | Justice problem addressed: Theft and crime, employment, gender-based violence 

Mama Fua vets and trains domestic workers and connects them to clients. In Kenya, domestic workers often have poor employment conditions, where they are paid insufficiently and are vulnerable to different forms of exploitation and (sexual) abuse by their employers. On the other hand, sometimes the identity of domestic workers is not verified, they are underage, and without background checks, they engage in petty theft. What they steal is often food and clothes, and as such, employers find it too costly to pursue them legally. In turn, they engage in illegal activities, such as installing hidden cameras in order to keep an eye on the workers.

In vetting the domestic workers, Mama Fua ensures better working conditions as well as prevention of theft and gender-based violence. Domestic workers report abuse and receive legal and psychological support, when needed.  

Nyumbani Online

Country/ Region: Kenya| Justice problem addressed: Housing and tenancy disputes 

Nyumbani Online digitises rent payments and prevents disputes between tenants and property owners to ensure the rights of both tenants and property owners. In Kenya, disputes over rent payments is the biggest issue in the tribunals. Last year, the government set up two tribunals to specifically address this issue. The Justice Needs and Satisfaction survey in Kenya also highlights the justice issues associated with housing and tenancy amongst the justice issues in Kenya. Some tenants provide fake proof of payment in order to skip rent.

Property owners do not abide by the rental agreement, increase rent unjustifiably, abuse tenants with threats of eviction, cut off utilities or refuse to refund the security deposit. By digitising rental payments, Nyumbani Online prevents housing disputes and ensures tenancy and property owner agreements are respected. 


Country/ Region: Kenya| Justice problem addressed: Housing and tenancy disputes 

Silqu addresses the same issue as described above. Through the cloud-based Silqu platform, property owners, developers, managers and tenants are all connected seamlessly with 100% visibility of all related transactions. Silqu ensures transparent and cost-effective communication between the tenant and property owners and managers, and in doing so, in addition to the prevention of disputes between the two parties, ensures smooth resolution of them, if applicable. 



Country/ Region: Rwanda| Justice problem addressed: Fraud

XanaHealth digitises patient medical records and insurance claims and invoices. Insurance fraud (particularly regarding auto and health claims) and concern about the fraud lead to increased insurance premiums, preventing access to insurance, and slowing down the delivery of services to clients. HiiL’s justice scan on Rwanda also highlights the issue of fraud among the most serious justice issues in the country.

XanaHealth is a transparent claiming platform for patients, it prevents and detects insurance fraud and ensures that the conditions of insurance contracts are respected in a timely and effective manner. 


Country/ Region: Rwanda| Justice problem addressed: SME disputes 

E-arbitrator allows SMEs to resolve their disputes with each other using their easily accessible and fast platform. In case of a dispute, either party submits their claim and relevant documents on the platform, and in turn qualified arbitrators, mediators or alternative dispute resolution specialists step in to resolve it. The platform also stores case documents and communication in a secure central repository that is accessible to all relevant stakeholders. Currently, E-arbitrator is focused on disputes between cross-border traders in the East African Community. 


Gender mobile initiative

Country/ Region: Nigeria| Justice problem addressed: Gender-based violence 

Gender Mobile Initative and its product Campus Pal provides an easy-to-use and anonymous platform to report sexual harassment and assault on university campuses. The Initiative gives women access to legal, psychological and health support as well.

The Justice Needs and Satisfaction survey in Nigeria highlights that women, especially those of lower-income brackets in Nigeria are less likely to seek resolution for their legal problems. Moreover, since the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the number of reported gender-based violence in Nigeria. Noting also that many cases of violence remain unreported, the Initiative’s reporting function is particularly significant. 


Country/ Region: Nigeria| Justice problem addressed: SME issues 

The Sidebrief platform automates business compliance to make it simple, fast and accessible to SMEs. Currently, Sidebrief is focused on startups. In Nigeria, many SMEs and startups find themselves in legal challenges where they are found non-compliant and are heavily fined. Sometimes, the business is forced to close down due to the hefty fines. 


Country/ Region: Nigeria| Justice problem addressed: SME issues 

Crediometer targets the unbanked and disconnected people who struggle to open bank accounts because of identification issues. The startup allows for safe, secure and transparent saving of funds for MSMEs, artisans and unregistered traders. HiiL’s Justice Needs and Satisfaction survey in Nigeria highlights money issues, such as theft or fraud associated with lending and borrowing money as one of the most serious justice issues in the country. 


Country/ Region: Nigeria| Justice problem addressed: Consumer issues 

AtaraPay is a web and mobile tool used by sellers and buyers for protection during any online or offline commercial transaction through funds held in escrow by a trusted third party. Atarapay provides a real-time acceptance or rejection option at point of delivery. It prevents fraud in online purchases. In doing so, it ensures consumer rights are protected and trust between online sellers and their customers is instilled.

The Justice Needs and Satisfaction survey in Nigeria highlights consumer issues, such as purchasing defective goods or substandard services, as one of the justice issues in the country. 



Country/ Region: Tunisia| Justice problem addressed: Access to public services

Idaraty provides access to administrative public services. In doing so, the platform helps people obtain ID documents, social insurances and even postal services. In Tunisia, complex administrative processes make it easy for people to resort to bribes. By simplifying the process, Idaraty prevents corruption as well. The Justice Needs and Satisfaction survey in Tunisia highlights the severity of this justice issue as well. 

El Baladiya

Country/ Region: Tunisia| Justice problem addressed: Access to public services

El Baladyia simplifies access to municipality services. It is similar to Idaraty, mentioned above, but focuses on the local community. It allows people to stay up to date with any changes in their municipality. It also offers them the chance to report any issues within the municipality’s jurisdiction. 


Country/ Region: Tunisia| Justice problem addressed: Multiple issues 

Simarl provides access to legal services, including different alternative dispute resolution methods which allow for a faster resolution than a trial. While remaining affordable, Simarl supports their clients throughout the mediation and arbitration process in order to obtain an amicable agreement or arbitration award. Simarl’s mission is to replace the culture of trial with a culture of agreement.



Country/ Region: Lebanon| Justice problem addressed: Multiple issues  

Willminds provides alternative dispute resolution methods as a way to settle disputes without the need to proceed to litigation. Willminds acts as a neutral and impartial third party. It provides dispute resolution options for every stage and in all contexts where parties want to protect their rights and interests and at the same time preserve valuable long-term cooperation. 

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