Strengthening people-centred justice and the partnerships to make it a reality

Business Insider The Economist

People-centred justice (PCJ) is emerging as a concrete approach to (national) justice programming. Justice practitioners and sector innovators alike have identified the ‘enablers and impediments’ that support the successful implementation of PCJ. The key goal is to ensure that justice sector professionals spend time in ways that people expect and direct services towards those priorities.

Two recent articles highlight this trend and the work HiiL and our partners are engaged in:

“Most justice problems do not involve the formal legal system at all. The best way to improve access to justice is to devote more resources to grass-roots activists working with those who would never dream of going to court. That’s justice for all.”
« It’s very important to be in touch with the real stories and the lives that injustice affects. At the same time, you can’t get stuck in that. You’ve got to make it something that somebody who works on policy or strategy can actually work with. »

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