Legal Startup Crash Test NL #1

Yesterday HiiL, in cooperation with Legal Hackers Kyiv and Legal Hackers Amsterdam, and supported by Arag, hosted the first ever Dutch Legal Startup Crash Test! This concept was first launched in 2016 in Kyiv by Dmitry Foremnyi, to bring the legal, justice and tech scene together.

The aim of the Legal Startup Crash Test is to bring more justice to society through the support of legal entrepreneurship, innovation and open data. We invited three startups to share their ideas with the community, and the community was asked to be critical and help the startups further.

  • Legalpioneer – Wants to democratize and tokenize the legal tech funding globally. It is a product of Legalcomplex, an analytics company.
  • VR Courtroom – An immersive simulation of a court in session. The tool can be used for training purposes for students and legal professionals. Furthermore the tool can be used by law firms to prepare their clients for a court session and help their clients reduce stress.
  • Patentbot – This is a Ukrainian startup that can register your trademark through a chatbot in the US and Ukraine and announced their launch on the European Union market. From April 19th, PatentBot will register and check TM online 24/7 in 28 EU countries. The preliminary cost of registration of TM in the EU is 249 EURO. The check if the TM is available for registration is free of charge.

It was great to have such a diverse crowd even though it was almost 30 degrees outside! After the pitches it was time for some drinks and a lot of ideas were exchanged. We want to keep building this community of people that believe that innovation in justice is possible and necessary. Please reach out if you want to be a part of this community to