Nadja Kernchen

“The law is the backbone of society. Without it, chaos would take over. But it is not enough to set laws. They need to be enforced, with the highest degree of impartiality and diligence. We need to ensure that every human being, especially the poor, weak and underprivileged, are granted access to the justice system, treated with respect, and provided with a fair outcome. This is what we work for every day at HiiL”

Nadja joined HiiL in June 2017 as a Research Assistant in the Measuring Justice Team. She studied Economics at the University of Bonn with a focus on empirical research on labour markets and education economics. Before joining HiiL, she interned at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Italy to study the development of income inequality in the European Union. In her spare time, Nadja can be found relaxing on the beach and exploring the surroundings of Den Haag.


Nadja Kernchen
Research Assistant
+31 (0) 70 762 0700