Wilfried De Wever

"Some initiatives or enterprises create value for money but are actually detrimental; they are unfair and may ultimately lead to conflict and war. Then there are initiatives or mechanisms that lead to improved and fair relations between people or nations but struggle to become financially sustainable. Somewhere in between these two extremes, there is this category that can be referred to as innovative justice enterprises; transforming societies and existing processes in their own unique way and creating both financial value and peace. I believe that finding those initiatives and empowering them to do what they do best, is the most effective way to bring justice, rule-making and dispute management into the 21th century.”

Wilfried joined HiiL in October 2012. He is the Head of the HiiL Innovating Justice Hub and he coordinates the Justice Investment Programme, bringing investors in touch with top justice innovators. The network ranges from private individuals such as lawyers or judges who want to invest in justice initiatives, to professional venture capitalists and institutional investors.

His main responsibilities: supervising www.innovatingjustice.com, the scouting for world class justice innovations, setting up local or specialized Innovating Justice Hubs and partnership programs, developing Innovating Justice events and guiding innovation scale up processes.

After more than 8 years of advisory experience in international (justice) integration projects, he went on to found, and preside over a global NGO working on justice effectiveness named “Effectius”. In addition, he worked with several start-up ventures focusing their strategic aims and strengthening their international presence. A strong educational background combining law, economics, entrepreneurship and business makes for a broad foundation. His analytical, open mindset and strong language skills are indispensable assets for building long term strategic partnerships on a daily basis.

In his spare time, Wilfried plays guitar and sings, and is somewhat fanatic about aspiration management.


Wilfried De Wever
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