Innovating Justice: Developing new ways to bring fairness between people

Authored by Sam Muller, Maurits Barendrecht, Robert Porter, Wilfried de Wever, Evi Pouwelse and team, published in 2013

In a book we have published, we collected experiences from innovators across the world. How did they get their “justice innovation act” together?

We have learned a thing or two about effective innovations in the justice sector:

  • They are always about people’s needs
  • It’s about people who want to co-operate
  • Innovators do not immediately jump to solutions
  • Reframe the environment – new ideas in the justice sector always require a coalition
  • Revenues must cover costs – somebody, somewhere will have to pay the fees.
  • Innovation is about transpiration – willingness to do the tough work of implementation.

These are the six things you have to be prepared for when you embark on innovation. People from our client organisations open up, smile, feel relieved, see the potential and become truly inspired, because they work towards a result quickly, find unexpected new friends and partnerships, know revenues and costs will be looked after, and that the hard work will be greatly appreciated by their fellow citizens in times of trouble.

Awards and Reviews:

Innovating Justice: Developing new ways to bring fairness between people

Gold Award for the European Design Award’s –  Best Book Design

Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution review:

“Ultimately, Innovating Justice is a welcome and well-timed book for those interested in thinking about and experimenting with justice innovation.”


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