08 June 2023 • 15:00-18:00

The Hague Humanity Hub & Online (Hybrid)

peace&justice café: People-Centred Justice, Achieving impact at scale

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peace&justice café: People-Centred Justice, Achieving impact at scale

The peace&justice café is The Hague Humanity Hub’s premier networking event series for cross-sectoral connection and collaboration for a more peaceful and just world. This event brings together peacebuilders, justice innovators, researchers, humanitarians, impact entrepreneurs, policy makers and other changemakers from The Hague and around the world.

By strengthening connections, we can come up with concrete solutions to today’s complex and urgent problems and thus increase collective impact.
As a truly hybrid event, some roundabouts will only be available to attendees joining online!


The next peace&justice café will focus on ‘People-Centred Justice’ in collaboration between HiiL and The Hague Humanity Hub as part of Hague Justice Week! People-centred justice is a simple idea with huge potential impact: that legal practices and systems should be based on evidence, ‘what works’ from the potential of the citizen, and should be able to deliver satisfactory outcomes for the people they serve. Or, in short: sensible, outcome-oriented, and accessible. The peace&justice café on People-Centred Justice will take a cross-sectoral look at achieving these aims, working together with The Hague Humanity Hub community to explore the challenges, pitfalls and success factors of justice innovation at scale.

And there will also be side sessions at the café on an exciting new initiative that a consortium of 37 organisations across the Netherlands are working on to make conflict resolution accessible, effective, and people-centred through structural R&D!

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