These 14 Global Innovators are coming to the Forum

As preparations for the Innovating Justice Forum are in foot-on-the-gas-pedal mode, we are very proud and excited to announce the 14 innovators who be at the forum with their brilliance and passion for serving access to justice. Coming from 7 different countries across Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, the Forum acts as a stage for their ideas to be the points of discussion amongst fellow innovators and legal professionals.

In 2019, these innovators put a lot of work in and put their access to justice solutions and scalability to the test. Five cities hosted five different Regional Finals. Here of the teams that were chosen to join the world stage of Justice Innovation in February 2020. Here they are! (in no particular order)  

JusticeBot – Uganda

JusticeBot is an online platform that helps the public access justice in an inexpensive and timely manner by providing free legal information and connecting those in need of legal services to legal service providers. Justice Bot uses artificial intelligence technology, through a chatbot available 24/7 on facebook/messenger/website to answer thousands of people at a time

Legal Hub  – Uganda

Legal Hub Uganda develops legal podcasts shared on SoundCloud to be accessed by various users through social media platforms and radio stations. The podcasts are currently being aired on Uganda Broadcasting Corporations (UBC), the national broadcaster with 4 TV stations and 11 radio stations

Legit –  Uganda

LegIT is a self-service platform that enables micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to generate legal documents conveniently, efficiently and affordably in three easy steps.

Yunga – Uganda

Yunga is a neighbourhood security network. Community members are organized into groups and each member (household) is connected to a Yunga network. With the press of a Yunga panic button, all households on the network are notified or alerted of an attack or emergency on a group member

Easylaws – Lebanon

Easy Law provides user-friendly information about justice issues and legal rights to people via a mobile app and a website. It has over 6000 downloads and over 35 lawyers referrals to date.

ESS Legal Assurance – Tanzania

ESS offers a legal assurance scheme to meet the needs for the Tanzanian middle class. 700 people covered, 150 disputes resolved. Strong team, driven by 70% women.

Sheria Kiganjani – Tanzania

Sheria Kiganjani enables users to access various legal information and services remotely from their devices. Sheria Kiganjani means “law in your palm” in Swahili. It is the first online legal digital platform in Tanzania. Female cofounder, a strong team of legal, tech and business.

Appruve – Ghana

Appruve is a financial identity infrastructure that enables financial services to verify and onboard the identities of individuals and businesses. 15K unique identities confirmed by this strong team with finance and tech backgrounds.

Vesicash – Nigeria

Vesicash is an escrow platform that prevents disputes and uses its digital dispute resolution mechanism to resolve digital transaction dispute in less than 72hrs. Made 500+ transactions in the last quarter. The platform creates an escrow transaction in 30 seconds.

Bankly– Nigeria

Bankly is a savings and cash digitisation platform that allows its customers to save up for emergencies using vouchers and an agent network. Recorded 500+ USD in revenues. This fast-growing team is led by a woman founder and a network of agents across Nigeria.

Africlaim– Nigeria

Africlaim specializes in securing financial and non-financial compensation for African airline passengers involved in flight disruptions including cancellations, delays, and overbooking. Helped 2.5+ passengers across the continent since 2017. Solves flight disruption issues 5x faster. 

Lawbasket– Zimbabwe

LawBasket integrates general-insurance with add-on legal protection insurance and mitigates legal risk by instantly delivering legal services through an online platform of freelance lawyers worldwide. It has 720+ participants in 4 clinics (in last 6 months) 

AirLaw.Pro – Ukraine

Just in time justice delivery for flight passengers. Tech innovation and proactivity dramatically increase customer satisfaction. Handled 10 court cases and worked on 12k compensation cases in 3 months.

rAinbow– South Africa

rAInbow is a digital companion, designed to reach millions who are in abusive and controlling relationships. It provides non-judgemental support to victims of domestic abuse. The platform has 17k users and has facilitated 880k conversations to date.

If you are as curious as us to hear from these teams directly, come join us at the Innovating Justice Forum! Click here to get your ticket.