Innovation and Dutch Notaries

On request of the Dutch Regulatory Body for Notaries (Koninklijke Notariële Beroepsorganisatie, KNB), HiiL explored the possible impact of innovation on the Dutch notary profession. HiiL’s report concludes that that trends such as IT platforms and the forming of hybrids between professions are a given. A range of innovations are under way: certainly from outside the profession.

There is a substantial and rich potential of customer needs that are not fully served by the profession. Moreover, notaries can move towards at least five business models that build on the strengths of the profession and are extensions of current ways of organizing notary practices.

These models are very different, however, in their attitude to the profession and in the way the organization must be run. Every model makes use of different opportunities and faces entirely different challenges.

This requires a complex strategy for the profession as a whole. A good process to arrive at this is essential.

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