Évaluer les besoins en matière de justice aux États-Unis

What problems do American people face accessing justice on a national scale? In the first comprehensive study of its kind, we will map out the legal problems people across the US face in their everyday lives, how they seek to solve them and what works in securing fair resolutions.

Why is this study needed? If people do not take action, do not report crimes formally, or there is no nation-wide effort to record how people experience the justice system if they encounter it, how do we know the broader issues of access to justice is in society? The results will provide the evidence-base for justice reform work and access to justice solutions in the United States in a profound way. Access to justice is not an issue affecting developing countries, Dr. Martin Gramatikov explains, ¨In fact, we can state that oftentimes, the more developed a nation is, the more justice needs exist in the population, and the greater the challenge of access to justice for all. That is why we specifically chose to bring our experience and survey to the United States.¨

In the US, we partner with IAALS whose knowledge of the American justice system will help us tailor this study. We will survey people across all regions of the United States, including urban and rural areas. A parallel study will measure the legal problems of small, medium and large businesses.

Who is the data for? The data will be freely available online in a downloadable report and in our interactive Justice Dashboard. It will provide insights for justice providers, policymakers, nonprofits, lawyers, and courts.

When will this data be released? We expect to release the data in November 2020. This will create the baseline from which progress can be measured in the future.