Besoins et satisfaction en matière de justice au Nigeria

We asked more than 6000 randomly selected adult Nigerians about their legal needs and what they do to try to get access to justice. This information will become the base to develop data-driven innovations in the country.


Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs





Person in charge

Dr. Rodrigo Nunez

Nigeria is the biggest economy in Africa. HiiL visited more than 6000 randomly selected adult Nigerians living in 18 states to talk with them and learn about their legal needs, and how they try to get information and advice, and what they do to get access to justice. We ask them about their satisfaction with processes and outcomes if they are able to act and get a solution. For those who cannot follow this part of the justice journey, we ask them what prevented them from acting.

Our local partner, CISLAC, is an important civil society organization in Nigeria. Life Builders Initiative will conduct qualitative interviews with internally Displaced People (IDPs), and users of justice in the country.

Data collection is performed by a local company: CMRG.

The Nigeria JNS survey is part of a bigger, multiyear project commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. Other reports in this programme include: Ukraine, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Bangladesh, and Morocco.

Data is now available in the Justice Dashboard.



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