17 startups compete to provide innovative solutions to everyday legal problems at the justice-tech event “Tech the Justice Gap”

The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL) is hosting the justice-tech forum, “Tech the Justice Gap” in Tunisia on  29 November 2023, at Palais des Congrès in Tunis under the esteemed patronage of the Presidency of the Government.

People urgently need governments to deliver justice more effectively.  Each year, 1 billion people have a new justice problem. Shockingly, over 70% of those people do not find a satisfactory resolution. 30% of those don’t even feel empowered enough to take action. This has a high impact on their lives and society: from violence to seriously damaged relationships and business conflicts

Established in 2005, HiiL is an organisation focused on people-centred justice. That means justice that is easy to access, easy to understand, and effective.  HiiL works in partnership with governments, entrepreneurs, and investors to realise people-centred justice. It helps justice practitioners to build solutions that allow people to resolve or prevent their justice problems. This means more people can get on with their lives faster, enhancing their well-being and economies.

An integral part of HiiL is the Justice Accelerator, a support program for startups offering innovative solutions to everyday justice problems. With hubs in Tunis, Lagos, and Nairobi, the programme provides seed funding and training to an annual cohort.

Themed “Tech the Justice Gap,” the justice-tech forum underscores the transformative potential of technology in reshaping how individuals access and experience justice. The event will discuss the role played by social entrepreneurs and startups in building justice services that complement the formal justice system that can help make justice fairer, more accessible, and affordable for all.

The event is not just a celebration but a call to action, urging government representatives, investors, startups, thought leaders, and justice stakeholders to unite, learn, collaborate, and create justice systems centred around people.

Ronald Lenz, Director of MENA at HiiL, says, “It’s wonderful to witness the emerging collaboration between the justice sector and justice-tech startups as they join forces to enhance and expand access to improved justice services”

A significant highlight of the forum is the Demo Day featuring pitches from 17 startups representing Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Nigeria, and Kenya. These startups, having completed the 2023 Justice Accelerator programme, are now part of a community of 170+ justice startups supported by HiiL. An esteemed jury from the MENA region, West Africa, and East Africa will select three startups as winners of the Innovating Justice Award, with prizes of €20,000, €15,000, and €5,000 respectively.

With over 200 attendees expected at Palais des Congrès in Tunis, the event will also be live-streamed worldwide, providing a global platform to showcase the transformative impact of justice-tech innovation.

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